Curtain Call empowers individuals from across the societal spectrum to come together to break down social barriers, bridge community gaps, and overcome personal challenges using Community-Based Theater.

From Ethiopian immigrants, to Charedi (ultra-orthodox) women, to the elderly, to children and youth at-risk, to Arab women, to individuals with special needs, Curtain Call works with all walks of Israel’s diverse society, giving a voice, a stage, and a constructive outlet for self-expression to those who might not otherwise be heard.

In addition, we create meaningful interactions between communities that are poles apart—such as Arab and Jew, secular and orthodox, old and young, new immigrant and native Israeli, helping to foster eye-opening dialogue, push aside stereotypes and build genuine bonds of understanding and friendship.

Community-Based Theater uses theater to promote community-based, grassroots, and people-led dialogues, often focusing on sensitive community issues and conflicts.  While these groups are generally led by a specially trained theater professional, the participants of each theater group are not professional actors but rather local community members.  Since each group is unique, so, too, is the end composition.  Hence, this type of theater produces original works that deal with local issues, stories, and subjects, written and performed by local community members.  For the participants, a foray into Community-Based Theater can be life-changing, as it increases self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-worth, and validates individual experiences.

The process that the participants follow takes them from bonding as a group, examining the issues, developing basic skills and tools as actors and ways of self-expression. This

is followed by developing their narrative toward a performance.

The program takes place in 50 groups in the geographic and social periphery of Israel.